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The eAgora team is the soul that gives life to this collective dream. If you like challenges and large-scale impact, this may be the tribe for you.


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    Open positions

    • Implement a system to measure, report and optimize key platform user growth metrics.
    • Use growth hacking techniques to improve interaction and retention of platform users.
    • Develop and execute growth campaigns for blog content leveraging channels such as email, SEO, social media and SEM.
    • Analyze and interpret data to identify trends and insights, and use them to inform decision making and optimization efforts.
    • Collaborate with other teams to identify and prioritize growth opportunities, and develop and test hypotheses to drive user acquisition and engagement.
    • Manage and optimize budgets and resources to achieve maximum ROI on growth efforts
    • Identify and test new growth channels and tactics, and scale successful ones.
    • Keep updated to the industry trends and best practices, and continually iterate on growth strategies to drive results.
    • Contribute to establish our internal knowledge base and document processes related to the growth of content marketing for the B2B and B2G segment.
    • Work with the creative team to produce compelling content for campaigns (lead magnets, e-books, checklists and more)
    • Optimization of blog UX and its content to obtain better results and user experience through AB testing and customer research.
    Required degree:
    Degrees in Marketing, Commerce, Advertising or Journalism (some of them).
    • Work organization in a company using SAAS tools; shared documents, collaborative work, deadlines and Key Performance Indicators management, teamwork, etc.
    • Preparation and review of product functional and process documentation and improvement proposals (stakeholder analysis, processes, product conditions and exclusions, pricing, etc.).
    • Participation in the platform design for:
    • Market analysis, competitor benchmarking, functionalities, addons and plugins.
    • Flow design and implementation of functionalities and navigation tree, usability testing.
    • Cross-platform UX and usability definition, management and configuration
    • Collaboration with the on-line marketing area in the evaluation of the best integration of the different systems:
    • Billing, CRM, Marketing Automation.
    • Affiliate Programs
    • Earning loyalty Programs
    • Website Visitor Tracking Programs
    Required degree:
    Product design, engineering (any), marketing, business administration and management, project management (any).


    • Design and implement SQL databases based on technical requirements. Always complying with the conventions of these databases and project guidelines.
    • Design the API Rest system for the different functionalities of the project.
    • Develop applications in PHP. Use object-oriented language as well as good practices and clean code, using patterns such as SOLID.
    • Implement Rest API functionalities. Endpoint JSON, following convictions of and working with different HTTP methods (GET, PUT, POST…) as well as keeping the good practices mentioned in the last point
    • HTML and CSS layout application, transfer mock-up designs to a real screen in an application. In this case we would work with Laravel and its Blade view system, but the goal is to develop in any environment.
    • Work to make the design screens dynamic. From HTML views, know how to access database models and use them to create dynamic and useful pages for the user.
    • Research new technological trends in the digital sector.
    • Propose and manage innovative projects
    • Articulate the projects in all their phases, from design to execution.
    • Monitoring of projects, conclusions and metrics.
    • Coordinate with internal and external agents (technology companies) to achieve project objectives.
    • Presentation of reports and memories for European or international projects.
    • Preparation and bidding for public procurement of innovation projects and similar calls for tenders.
    Required degree:
    Bachelor’s degree in one of the following fields: Engineering, Sciences, Communication, Social and Legal Sciences (some of them).