ágora From gr. ἀγορά agorá.

1. f. In ancient Greek cities, a public square.
2. f. Assembly held in the agora.
3. f. Place of meeting or discussion.


We are a movement and you,
the driving force

01. We make community project.

We are a democratic platform in which we not only offer participation and governance, but we make people’s lives easier. Our project is community. We believe and bet on the best for the territory, protecting the sovereignty of the communities.

02. We believe that the future of communities will be conscious or it won't be anything.

Today’s problems require a change. We are moving in a clear direction: a sustainable planet, a just, united and equitable world. A deep change, which facilitates a social improvement, of the country and the world. A change in the way we relate to entities (administration, NGOs, universities, AMPA, neighborhood associations …) and people.

03. We believe in dialogue and respect as an engine of social development.

We create a local community in which entities are inclusive and do not act as a separate entity. We offer a platform with which we facilitate the involvement and connection with people and encourage positive and constructive communication.

04. We generate the context for change to happen.

We are the facilitator into the new world that is yet to come. We want to be an agora that makes people’s lives easier. We offer access to entities through the democratization of information and the optimization of management.

05. The sum of the parts is more than the separate parts.

We are united by the mentality of building a better world through the involvement of people. We firmly believe that there is no point in walking alone. We seek an environment in which we can generate synergies, value each other and promote the network effect. In the end: to create a tribe.

06. We prefer to do and say than to say and do: we speak with facts.

Our platform gets better day by day thanks to people. We don’t just focus on how we’re going to do it. Our ultimate goal is to generate impact through our actions, always looking to the future.

07. Your information is protected and serves to do good.

We are driven by one conviction: to safeguard people’s information at all times. We put technology to work for people through ethical and confidential use. At our base is the community. That’s why we protect the identity of all individuals.

08. To improve the world we have to start with ourselves.

We want to bring about a paradigm shift, to achieve a world involved in its communities, to transform the way of seeing things… To do this, it is necessary to start with a change in people’s awareness, the true root of all sustainable action. Change consciences and we will change the world.

09. We will remain as we are even as we grow older.

We will maintain our essence even if we expand. We are true to our values, to who we are and we will never lose our genuine attributes: we are simple, social, natural, accessible, humane and democratic.

10. We compete against closed mindsets, not against companies.

Our biggest obstacle is the people and entities that do not believe in involvement to achieve profound change and that do not share our vision of the project.