What is the Participatory Budgeting module for?

Procesos Participativos

Whether you are a municipality or any other type of organization or entity, annual budgets are important to ensure optimal management throughout the term of office. For that reason, with eAgora we make it easy for you to democratize this whole process, so that your people can make proposals and then vote on the ones that are viable.

Therefore, through the Participatory Budgeting module, the members of your community will have the opportunity to show their opinions and suggestions, creating proposals based on a specific participatory process that you have previously created. Each participatory process will collect its own proposals and your people will be able to vote for those they find most interesting or attractive. From your management panel you will be able to know the voting results, as well as the proposals made by each member of the community.


The following video shows the process of creating a participatory budget:


And this other video shows how to edit a proposal:

In short, create, manage and visualize this and other processes of your city council or entity, whether it is the creation of communications, the elaboration of surveys or the sale of tickets for events, from an all-in-one tool such as eAgora. You will be able to improve communication with your people and strengthen the bond that unites you, all for a more connected and efficient community.

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