Improve interaction in your organization through eAgora

Módulos de Incidencias, Buzón ciudadano y Chat

If you are an organization and you are looking for a platform to improve interaction with people, eAgora is the solution you need. With our Incident, Mailbox and Chat modules, you will have access to an efficient and transparent management of your needs and demands.


Logs and manages all incidents reported by users

Our Incidents module will allow you to keep a record of all incidents reported by users of your organization’s agora through our app. In addition, thanks to our secure and direct chat with your agora members, you will be able to obtain precise details about where and when the incidents occurred, as well as their severity.

To start a conversation with a particular user, simply select the issue they reported and press the three buttons highlighted, we explain in the video! 👇


Know what your users think and act accordingly.

And with our Mailbox module, you will be able to know the opinions and suggestions of your users. You will get valuable feedback that will allow you to adapt your policies and projects to the needs of your community. Remember that collaboration with your users can result in innovative ideas and useful projects.


At eAgora, we want organizations to have access to all the tools they need to foster participation and strengthen ties with their people. And that is why our all-in-one platform has multiple functionalities that make it possible (secure chat, digital agenda, ODS search engine, surveys, participatory budgeting, ticket sales, etc.). So don’t hesitate any longer and start using eAgora today for free for 15 days or sign up for our Free Plan forever. We are waiting for you!


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