How to program communications and make them recurrent in eAgora?

¿Cómo programar comunicados y convertirlos en recurrentes en eAgora?

If you are part of a city council that is looking for digital tools to improve its management and communication with citizens, eAgora is the platform you need. With its ability to schedule content and turn it into recurring content, you can keep your community informed with no additional effort.


Content programming for more efficient communication management

The management of communication with citizens is one of the most important aspects for any city council. With eAgora, you can schedule your communications in advance and make sure they reach your audience at the right moment. Forget about having to publish the same message several times in different platforms, with eAgora’s content scheduling you will have everything under control.

Configuring content scheduling in eAgora is very simple. You only need to set the exact date and time of publication, and your content will be automatically published in the eAgora app and in the city council’s social networks previously linked to the platform.


Recurring content to keep your community up to date with important news

publish recurring content with eagora

There are certain contents that are important on a regular basis, such as information about market days or notices about bulky waste collection. With eAgora’s recurrence functionality, you will be able to schedule these contents once and let the platform take care of publishing them at the time frequency you have configured. This way, you will be able to keep your community informed on a regular basis, without any additional effort on your part.

To set up a recurring publication, you only need to indicate the frequency and time interval in which you want the content to be published, and the platform will take care of the rest. In this way, your citizens will be able to keep up to date with relevant news about your municipality without having to search them by themselves.



Because automating the scheduling of citizen notices is an advantage!

As we have seen, content scheduling and recurrence are two eAgora functionalities that allow municipalities to schedule and send information in an automated and recurrent way to their citizens. But what are the benefits of automating this process? We explain some of them:

  1. Saving time and effort: Automating the scheduling of notices to citizens allows municipalities to save time and effort by scheduling information in advance. In this way, it is not necessary to be aware of the exact time of publication, which reduces the workload and allows municipal employees to focus on other important tasks.
  2. Increased efficiency: Content scheduling and recurrence allow municipalities to schedule information in advance and at the desired frequency, which increases the efficiency of information management. In this way, citizens can be informed constantly and regularly, without the need for municipal employees to send information manually every time and through every channel.
  3. Greater scope: eAgora’s content scheduling and recurrence allow municipalities to reach a greater number of citizens, both those who use the eAgora app and those who follow the municipality’s social networks. This ensures that the information reaches all interested citizens.

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In conclusion, content scheduling and recurrence are key functionalities of eAgora that allow municipalities to maintain a closer link with their citizens. We know that municipal management can be complex, but we are committed to making it easier and more efficient for you and your team with an all-in-one platform that combines multiple municipal management tools into one.

At eAgora we are here to help you strengthen the link with your citizens and facilitate municipal management in all possible aspects. So if you are not yet part of our platform, register for free now and start being part of the change!


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