How can eAgora’s “Information and procedures” module help municipalities in their digital management?

cómo implementar el módulo de información y trámites de eAgora

Nowadays, the digitization of public administration is an imperative need. Citizens expect municipalities to offer more agile and efficient services, and one way to achieve this is through digital tools such as eAgora. This platform offers multiple functionalities, one of the most important of which is the “Information and Procedures” module. In this post, we will explain how this module can help municipalities in their digital management of information and procedures.


What is the “Information and procedures” module of eAgora?

The “Information and procedures” module is a tool that allows municipalities to include information from their official website, as well as from other external websites and platforms they use, in a single mobile application. In this way, citizens can access all the information they need and carry out procedures quickly, easily and intuitively, without having to navigate through multiple websites.

This module is fully configurable according to the needs of the municipality, and can be adapted to any type of service you wish to offer. For example, direct links to administrative procedures, opening hours, information on events and activities, among others, can be included.


How does the eAgora “Information and procedures” module work?

The “Information and procedures” module works in a simple and intuitive way. Municipalities can add the information they want through their management panel, where they can edit, add or delete information in real time. Once the information has been aggregated, citizens can access it through the eAgora mobile app.

The mobile app is very easy to use and is available for both Android and iOS. Once the application is downloaded, citizens can search for the information they need through a search bar, or access it through the different sections that appear in the application. For example, you can find sections such as “Procedures”, “Events”, “News”, among others.

eAgora information and procedures module

What are the benefits of eAgora’s “Information and Procedures” module for municipalities?

eAgora’s “Information and procedures” module offers multiple benefits for municipalities wishing to implement it in their digital management. Some of these benefits are:


Saving time and resources

One of the main advantages of the “Information and Procedures” module is that it allows municipalities to save time and resources in the management of information and procedures. By having all information centralized in a single mobile application, citizens can access it more quickly and easily, reducing the need for multiple channels of communication with citizens.


Easy to use for citizens

Another important benefit of the “Information and Procedures” module is that it offers an easier and more intuitive user experience for citizens. Users can access all the information they need in a single mobile application, reducing the need to browse multiple websites or visit municipal offices in person. In addition, the mobile application is very easy to use and available at any time and place, which improves citizen satisfaction with the services offered by the municipality.


Improving the image of the city hall

The availability of eAgora’s “Information and procedures” module can improve the image of the municipality in the eyes of its citizens. By offering more agile and efficient services, citizens will perceive the municipality as a modern institution at the forefront of technology. In addition, by reducing waiting times and improving the quality of service, the overall perception of the municipality by the community is improved.


How to implement eAgora’s “Information and procedures” module?

The implementation of eAgora’s “Information and procedures” module is very simple and can be carried out by any municipality, without the need for advanced technical knowledge. To implement the module, municipalities must follow the following steps:

  1. Register in the eAgora platform and access the management panel.
  2. Configure the customization options according to the needs of the municipality.
  3. Add the information and procedures to be included in the mobile application.
  4. Publish the information.
  5. Promote the application among citizens so that they download it and start using it.



In short, eAgora is an all-in-one tool that is essential for any municipality seeking to modernize its management and offer more efficient and agile services to its citizens. In addition to this module, it offers many other possibilities that facilitate the management of any administration: digital agenda, secure chat with citizens, suggestion box, surveys, ticket sales, participatory budgets, and much more!

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve the digital management of information and procedures in your city council. Use eAgora’s “Information and procedures” module and offer your citizens a more agile and efficient service! You don’t have your agora yet? Register now for free and be part of the change that brings us closer.


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