eAgora: an indispensable tool for municipalities’ electoral program

eAgora: una herramienta indispensable para el programa electoral de los ayuntamientos

Technology has become a fundamental aspect of citizen participation and involvement in the political process. In this sense, eAgora is a tool that cannot be missing in the electoral program of any city council that wishes to improve communication and citizen participation in its community. In this post, we expose the reasons why proposing eAgora in the next electoral program can be an excellent idea for municipalities.


Promotes citizen participation

One of the main problems faced by municipalities is the lack of citizen participation in local affairs. eAgora offers an all-in-one solution to this problem by allowing, among many other functionalities, citizens to express their opinions on important issues through surveys and consultations. Citizens will feel more involved in the political process and have a greater sense of ownership in their municipality.

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Improved transparency and communication

Improved transparency and communication The platform allows municipalities to publish news and events efficiently, both on the eAgora app and their own communication channels at once, ensuring that citizens are informed about what is happening in their community. In addition, citizens can send comments and suggestions through the platform’s secure chat and suggestion box, which improves communication between the city council and citizens.

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Helps to make informed decisions

Today, citizens expect politicians to make informed and fair decisions. eAgora helps municipalities make informed decisions by providing real-time data and citizen feedback on their management dashboard. Municipalities can use this information to make fairer and more effective decisions that meet the needs of the community.


Promotes innovation and modernization

Citizens expect municipalities to adapt to modern times and use advanced technology to improve their quality of life. eAgora is a modern and innovative tool that can help municipalities meet these expectations. By proposing eAgora in the electoral program, municipalities can demonstrate their commitment to innovation and modernization.

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In conclusion, proposing eAgora in the next electoral program can be a great opportunity for municipalities that wish to improve communication and citizen participation in their community. With this tool, municipalities can be closer to their citizens, encouraging citizen participation and making more informed and fairer decisions. In addition, eAgora improves transparency and communication, which strengthens the links between the municipality and the citizens.

Best of all, eAgora offers a free version that municipalities can start using immediately, so don’t miss the opportunity to improve your community with eAgora. So don’t miss the opportunity to improve your community with eAgora. Sign up for free today and find out how you can implement this tool in your municipality!


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