Advantages of the Survey and Voting modules

From eAgora we always know how important it is for any entity and organization to be able to facilitate participation and to know the opinion of its people, in order to, among other things, channel votes, collect ideas or improve management. That’s why, in today’s post we want to show you how to get your […]

What is the Participatory Budgeting module for?

Procesos Participativos

Whether you are a municipality or any other type of organization or entity, annual budgets are important to ensure optimal management throughout the term of office. For that reason, with eAgora we make it easy for you to democratize this whole process, so that your people can make proposals and then vote on the ones […]

How do the Ticketing and Agenda modules work?

As an organization or municipality, you have surely asked yourself on more than one occasion how to improve communication with your citizens or partners. In the digital era in which we live, it is essential to have tools to streamline management processes and offer a better service to users. In eAgora, we are aware of […]

Improve interaction in your organization through eAgora

Módulos de Incidencias, Buzón ciudadano y Chat

If you are an organization and you are looking for a platform to improve interaction with people, eAgora is the solution you need. With our Incident, Mailbox and Chat modules, you will have access to an efficient and transparent management of your needs and demands.   Logs and manages all incidents reported by users Our […]

How to link your social networks and website to eAgora?

¿Cómo vincular tus redes sociales y sitio web a eAgora?

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to link the social media accounts and website of your municipality or association to eAgora, so that every time you publish a communication in eAgora, it will be automatically published in your social media accounts and website. Log in to your eAgora account and select “Agora Settings” […]

eAgora’s Information and Procedures Module

Cómo crear un nuevo directorio y añadir contenido

In this video tutorial, we show you how to use one of the eAgora functionalities of the information and procedures module, showing you how to create a new directory and add content to it. In eAgora, creating a directory is very easy: just go to the information and procedures module and click on “Create new […]

eBando becomes eAgora: Get to know all the improvements of the application

fusion eagora y ebando

We have evolved and in eAgora we have integrated with eBando. Do you want to know what this change implies? In this video we tell you about the new features that will make the application more complete and useful for citizens. 👇   And if you didn’t know us yet, we invite you to get […]

How to program communications and make them recurrent in eAgora?

¿Cómo programar comunicados y convertirlos en recurrentes en eAgora?

If you are part of a city council that is looking for digital tools to improve its management and communication with citizens, eAgora is the platform you need. With its ability to schedule content and turn it into recurring content, you can keep your community informed with no additional effort.   Content programming for more […]