How to set up a neighborhood association and manage communication and participation


What is a neighborhood association and what is it for? Neighborhood associations are entities formed by residents of a given geographical area with the objective of improving the living conditions of the community and defending their interests. Through the association, neighbors can work together to solve common problems and improve the quality of life in […]

What is citizen participation: benefits, mechanisms and examples?

¿Qué es la participación ciudadana?

What is citizen participation? Citizen participation is the set of mechanisms, tools and actions that allow citizens to have a direct or indirect influence on public decision making and the construction of policies that affect the community in which they live. In essence, it is a form of citizen empowerment that fosters participatory democracy and […]

eAgora: an indispensable tool for municipalities’ electoral program

eAgora: una herramienta indispensable para el programa electoral de los ayuntamientos

Technology has become a fundamental aspect of citizen participation and involvement in the political process. In this sense, eAgora is a tool that cannot be missing in the electoral program of any city council that wishes to improve communication and citizen participation in its community. In this post, we expose the reasons why proposing eAgora […]